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Gear-X Product List

Storage Boxes
Deluxe Car Covers
Portable Jump Starter
Ute Removable Anchor Points
Tie Downs & Cargo Nets
Car Care
Wheel & Tyre
Wheel Nuts
Wheel Covers
Air/Tyre & Tape/Paint
Fluid Management
Replacement Parts
Tools/Workshop Equipment
Trailer & Towing
Air Compressors
Cable Ties

Gear-X is a leading brand of wholesale accessories, including storage boxes, car covers, portable jump starters and car care products, with options ranging from air and  tyre, to wheel covers and everything in between.

Gear-X offers high-quality products at affordable prices and continues to grow as a brand in its own right. The company’s goal is to become the premier provider of auto accessories and solutions that are available at every stage of the vehicle ownership experience.

Our selection of air compressors for filling your tyres on the road will keep you safe and prepared for any situation. For our customers who need to keep their gear secure, we offer a wide selection of cable ties and tie downs.

Our cargo nets are made from high-quality materials such as nylon webbing with UV stabilisers to ensure they last longer than other brands on the market today!