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Introducing GRIPS Tough Beaded Towels &
GRIPS TO-GO Tough Beaded Wipes!

GRIPS have been engineered for the toughest jobs with built-in abrasive beads. Our specialised formula quickly removes dirt, grime, paint, stains, grease, oils, adhesives and caulk. GRIPS tough beaded towels with built-in beads make scrubbing a breeze. GRIPS Tough Beaded Towels, (255mm x 305mm) are supplied in a handy 80-pack bucket, while GRIPS TO-GO Tough Beaded Wipes (180mm x 200mm) are presented in a compact 20-pack for convenience. Use the beaded side to quickly remove the most stubborn mess. Then use the smooth side to wipe away for a clean finish.

Features and Benefits

• Ultra-thick, dual-sided, and scented.

• Scrubbing beads on one side to quickly remove grease, oil, dirt, and paint.

• The beaded side makes scrubbing a breeze, while the soft side is gentle on your hands.

• Safe for use on hands, tools, and nonporous surfaces like plastic, wood, glass, and steel.