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JB Weld’s Essential Travel Pack now contains JB Weld SuperWeld along with the other four JB Weld products all stored in the one handy plastic box.

There are three putty sticks: one for repairing steel (SteelStik), one for water-related repairs (WaterWeld), and one for repairing plastics (PlasticWeld). The two-part epoxy is designed to repair metals, and now JB Weld SuperWeld has been included in the pack.

New to the pack is the JB Weld SuperWeld which is a super glue that can be applied directly to the repair area and works on so many surfaces like plastics, glass, ceramics, rubber, stone and wood. It sets quickly in around one minute.

All these products come separately stored in compartments within a clear plastic box. The back of the box has information including instructions, a guide for working times through to setting times, plus the overall rating once fully cured.

When using any of the putty sticks, assess how much you need then cut a piece off and remove its outer wrapping. Begin to work the putty together in your hands – it’s ready to be used once it’s fully mixed.

Each putty stick has different applications but with each the contents can be moulded into any shape. The curing time for the putty varies, with the SteelStik and WaterWeld requiring one hour. The PlasticWeld takes three hours.

After waiting the required curing time, the putty can then be drilled, tapped, sanded, filed, or painted, depending on the putty type. At the completion of the repair, you simply return any unused putty back into the tube so it’s ready for the next repair.

The final product making up the kit is JB Weld KwikWeld. Two tubes are used with the two-part epoxy cold weld system. It requires a mix ratio of 50/50, so it’s just a case of squeezing out what you need from both tubes and mixing them together well. This product provides a permanent bond on a range of surfaces and takes between four and six hours to completely cure.

JB Weld Essentials pack covers multiple situations, the products come stored in a neat carry case not much bigger than hand-size with an RRP of $64.95