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Anytime of the year – in hot weather or cold – it's possible to have an overheating engine and that can spell trouble.

Overheated vehicles must be shut down immediately, but that is often inconvenient leaving the car stranded sometimes in out of the way places. But with the Technical Chemical Company’s (TCC) Blue Magic Liquid Glass Metallic Seal-Up a radiator repair can be done easily using just an ounce of mechanical knowledge, and very inexpensively.

But it’s not just faulty radiators that cause overheating, cracked heads or blocks will also cause a car’s temperature gauge to hit the high notes. Compared with a radiator repair, a cracked head or block is a very expensive repair job when completed at a workshop and it’s a lengthy process. The head must be removed and sometimes the engine must be taken out of the car.  However, with Liquid Glass Metallic Seal-Up it’s a relatively simple job that does not require the engine to be taken apart or removed.

The Blue Magic Liquid Glass Metallic Seal-Up is a proven way to seal and repair many overheating causes sealing a cracked engine block, radiators, heater cores and welch plugs. Carrying or stocking bottles of Liquid Glass Metallic Seal Up takes up very little space and can work magic on many overheating causes.

Metallic Seal-Up filters into cracks and chemically seals them permanently and it forms a permanent copper-ceramic seal that withstands up to 1093°C and 3000 PSI. Full instructions are detailed on the bottle.

The Technical Chemical Company that produces the product has formulated and marketed many well-known car repair products for the US and for use around the world since 1961.

Two different sized bottles are available; Blue Magic Liquid Glass Metallic Seal-Up 1008 is 323g (for use in systems up to 22.7 litres) and 1116 is 646g and used for larger capacity cooling systems (up to 45 litres).

By Mandy Parry-Jones